COP19 – Day 9

TckTckTck morning briefing

Image: Ido Liven


Day 9 (November 20) highlights:

COP-19: Negotiators from the G77+China group walk out the late night discussions on loss and damage, blaming developed countries and specifically Australia for blocking the process. More

POLAND: Marcin Korolec, the Polish environment minister and president of the COP is fired in a government reshuffle. (More). The incoming environment minister says he will make gas shale exploration a priority – a statement that draws much criticism from Polish and international climate campaigners. More

BRAZIL: Monitoring the talks from Brazil, a local climate activist voices frustration over developed nations’ refusal to discuss a proposal the country had brought to the table over historical emissions. More

GERMANY: FoE-BUND campaigner explains the country still relies on coal for its energy production, despite the important increase in renewables. More

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