COP-19 – Day 6

Image: Imelda Abano


Day 6 (November 16) highlights:

POLAND: Hundreds of people – chanting, singing, and dressed up in costumes – took to the streets of Warsaw to demand governments across the world make progress in the climate change talks. More

COP-19: The Climate Action Tracker team presents the new global assessment showing that only the European Union and Brazil will meet their emissions reductions pledges. The experts denounce Japan’s new path as grossly inadequate. More

COP-19: The World Energy Council says that without a price on carbon the world will not make the necessary transition to a clean energy-based economy, as governments do not have enough money. More

COSTA RICA: The Costa Rican coffee industry receives over ten million dollar through a German-British partnership to transform its working scheme and reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next 10 years. The project aims to benefit the whole sector. More

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