COP-19 – Day 2

Tacloban, Philippines after Hayan

Image: Imelda Abano

Day 2 (November 12) highlights:

COP-19: After peacefully demonstrating in support of Yeb Saño’s decision to go on hunger strike, three youth activist were banned from the conference venue. More

BRAZIL: Deputy Chief of the Division of Climate, Ozone and Chemical Safety of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Felipe Rodrigues Ferreira, urges the IPCC to provide a “simplified methodology” for countries to calculate their own responsibility for the rise of global temperature. More

COP-19: The Global Climate Risk Index 2014, released by Germanwatch, reveals that more than 530,000 people died as a direct result of approximately 15,000 extreme weather event. More

WARSAW: Poland’s energy policy is under the attack by environmentalists concerned for the country’s role as host of the climate talks. More

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