COP19 – Day 12

Image: Ido Liven

Image: Ido Liven

Day 12 (November 23) highlights:

COP-19: Many participants leave the conference in disappointment. COP-19 is not going to be remembered as the finance COP it was supposed to be. At the heart of a major dispute during the night was the continued unwillingness of industrialized countries to make bigger emission cuts, and a failure to actually provide the promised adaptation finance. More.

BRAZIL: While the negotiations in Warsaw are wrapped up, CNM’s Fabíola Ortiz reports from Rio that young activists from Latin America get together in a coalition for climate. More

Now what was this all about?
Climate News Mosaic’s Stephen Leahy wraps up the climate negotiations in two paragraphs. More

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COP19 – Day 11


Image: Komila Nabiyeva

Day 11 (November 22) highlights:

BRAZIL: Observing the talks, a local climate activist voices his frustration over the lack of progress at the summit, and specifically the Brazilian delegation’s stance. More

COP-19: An important achievement, negotiators finalize the finance package for REDD+, a mechanism intended to reduce emissions through improved forest management in developing countries. More

COP-19: In the last straight of the negotiations, activists stand at the stadium surrounding the summit venue chanting “stop climate madness” to urge delegates at what was meant to be the closing plenary session to deliver a meaningful outcome. More

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COP19 – Day 10

Image by Imelda V. Abano Image by Imelda V. Abano

Day 10 (November 21) highlights:

COP-19: Civil society organizations perform an unprecedented mass walkout to protest governments’ feet dragging after ten days of negotiations in Warsaw. More

PHILIPPINES: Rescue operations in Tacloban continue after super-typhoon Haiyan, considered by many as an omen for climate change, turned the town into wasteland, leaving residents scrambling to find shelter. More

COP-19: Marking the first Cities Day, an initiative by international organization ICLEI, representatives from 440 cities around the globe vow to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. More

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COP19 – Day 9

TckTckTck morning briefing

Image: Ido Liven


Day 9 (November 20) highlights:

COP-19: Negotiators from the G77+China group walk out the late night discussions on loss and damage, blaming developed countries and specifically Australia for blocking the process. More

POLAND: Marcin Korolec, the Polish environment minister and president of the COP is fired in a government reshuffle. (More). The incoming environment minister says he will make gas shale exploration a priority – a statement that draws much criticism from Polish and international climate campaigners. More

BRAZIL: Monitoring the talks from Brazil, a local climate activist voices frustration over developed nations’ refusal to discuss a proposal the country had brought to the table over historical emissions. More

GERMANY: FoE-BUND campaigner explains the country still relies on coal for its energy production, despite the important increase in renewables. More

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COP19 – Day 8

Day 8 (November 19) highlights:

COP-19: In an open letter to the German government, a group of 80 NGOs from around the world calls on Germany to demonstrate leadership at the climate talks, not least in light of its ambitious Energiewende plan. More

USA: Illustrating the difficulty of mobilizing American policymakers to address climate change, senators tell E&E Daily the chances of the Senate ratifying an international climate treaty are particularly slim. More

COP-19: Costa Rica and Bangladesh launch the V-20, a forum of the world’s 20 most climate vulnerable nations. More

ITALY: After a cyclone hit the island of Sardinia last week, leaving 18 dead, an Italian meteorologist weighs in on a possible link between the unusual weather event and climate change. More

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COP19 – Day 7

Day 7 (November 18) highlights:

POLAND: The International Coal and Climate Summit, organized by the Polish government and the World Coal Association, opens parallel to the UN climate talks in Warsaw. Greenpeace activists perform an action at the Ministry of Economy of Poland. “Who rules Poland?” their banner asks (More). UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres, comments: “Coal must change rapidly and dramatically for everyone’s sake.” More

COP-19: Climate finance is declining not growing, falling 71% this year according to the Climate Funds Update. The Green Climate Fund is supposed to ramp up to $100 billion/year to assist developing countries adapt to climate change. More

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COP-19 – Day 6

Image: Imelda Abano


Day 6 (November 16) highlights:

POLAND: Hundreds of people – chanting, singing, and dressed up in costumes – took to the streets of Warsaw to demand governments across the world make progress in the climate change talks. More

COP-19: The Climate Action Tracker team presents the new global assessment showing that only the European Union and Brazil will meet their emissions reductions pledges. The experts denounce Japan’s new path as grossly inadequate. More

COP-19: The World Energy Council says that without a price on carbon the world will not make the necessary transition to a clean energy-based economy, as governments do not have enough money. More

COSTA RICA: The Costa Rican coffee industry receives over ten million dollar through a German-British partnership to transform its working scheme and reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next 10 years. The project aims to benefit the whole sector. More

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COP-19 – Day 5

Tacloban, Philippines after Hayan

Image: Anna Valmero


Day 5 (November 15) highlights:

COP-19: Japan announces the country will drop its previous emissions target of a 25 percent reduction from 1990 levels, citing nuclear phaseout in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

ITALY: Mariagrazia Midulla, head of the Climate and Energy program of WWF Italy, explains that the civil society is the first to suffer the consequences of climate change, if politicians don’t react. More

COP-19/PHILIPPINES: “We are among the world’s most vulnerable,” says Vicky Tauli-Corpuz of Tebtebba, a Filipino indigenous group (More). Following the devastation of typhoon Haiyan, Filipino delegate Alicia Ilaga explains why “the time for negotiations is over”. More

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COP-19 – Day 4

Martin Korolec

Image: UNclimatechange licence: cc-by


Day 4 (November 14) highlights:

ITALY: Luca Mercalli, President of the Italian Meteorological Society, says the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) data on sea level rise confirm concerns also for Italy’s coast, where it will likely affect both agricultural irrigation and the tourism sector. More

COP-19: COP President and Poland’s Minister of the Environment Marcin Korolec says Europe needs to be more open to shale gas. More

ISRAEL: A new study of the Israeli Energy Forum, presented in Tel Aviv, argues Israel could jump the share of renewables to 80% of its energy mix by 2040. More

GERMANY: Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerstengarbe, meteorologist at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) comments on WMO’s report and says the accumulation of extreme events is a clear indication that we are in the midst of a change of the global climate. More

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COP-19 – Day 3

Tacloban, Philippines after Hayan

Image: Anna Valmero

Day 3 (November 13) highlights:

COP-19: US officials fear the devastating impact of typhoon Haiyan could overshadow key issues related to preventing climate change, and instead shift the focus to compensation for extreme weather events. More

ITALY: Paolo Ruti, Head of the Climate Modeling and Impacts Laboratory at ENEA says the Italian agency expects a bigger political commitment to investments in adaptation to climate change from COP-19. More

COP-19: 2013 is on the way to becoming one of the top ten warmest years on record, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). More

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COP-19 – Day 2

Tacloban, Philippines after Hayan

Image: Imelda Abano

Day 2 (November 12) highlights:

COP-19: After peacefully demonstrating in support of Yeb Saño’s decision to go on hunger strike, three youth activist were banned from the conference venue. More

BRAZIL: Deputy Chief of the Division of Climate, Ozone and Chemical Safety of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Felipe Rodrigues Ferreira, urges the IPCC to provide a “simplified methodology” for countries to calculate their own responsibility for the rise of global temperature. More

COP-19: The Global Climate Risk Index 2014, released by Germanwatch, reveals that more than 530,000 people died as a direct result of approximately 15,000 extreme weather event. More

WARSAW: Poland’s energy policy is under the attack by environmentalists concerned for the country’s role as host of the climate talks. More

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COP-19 – Day 1

Silence for victims of Typhoon Hayan at COP19

Image: Silvia Giannelli

Day 1 (November 11) highlights:

COP-19: Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, takes the floor at the opening session of COP 19 and sets the priorities for this year’s conference, among which financing and pre-2020 ambitions. More

ISRAEL: Maya Givon, coordinator of the Israeli climate coalition, laments Israel’s step back on its emissions cuts scheme. More

COP-19: Philippines Climate Change Commissioner Yeb Saño speaks in tears at COP19 opening session remembering victims of typhoon. More

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