That the environment knows no borders is hardly news. Though, journalists are yet to translate this into the way they report on threats to our environment.

This is why we decided to start this blog. This project, the second by the Climate News Mosaic (CNM) team, reflects our understanding that environmental journalism needs to reflect the transboundary and interconnected nature of the issues it covers, especially when it comes to climate change, by harnessing the local expertise of journalists around the world to work together.

Climate News Mosaic is a global collective of journalists working to transform the way we are communicating climate change and the environment at large. Our members are based across five continents – from Canada to the Philippines and from Germany to Brazil – producing radio, video and textual stories in about ten different languages.

Our first project was a live blog that reported all 12 days of the latest UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, Poland. Thanks to over 100 crowdfunding backers we managed to bring three of our journalists – from Italy, from Israel, and from Costa Rica – to Warsaw to cover the summit and moderate the project. Other members of the group contributed reports from the Philippines, Germany, Brazil and other countries. This live blog was hosted in nine different websites, including those of Italian daily La Stampa, climate news site RTCC, and news agency IPS.

This blog is our latest venture in a quest to transform environmental journalism. As a first stage, this is a four weeks long pilot, during which we will be posting weekly roundups of climate and environmental news from our countries. Each blog post is written by a number of contributors, each from a different country.

This is really a work in progress, and we are keen to hear from you with any comments, questions, or ideas for improvement. It’s only likely that by the end of its pilot period this blog will look quite different from how it started. And we’re truly excited to have you join us on this journey.

CNM network

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Our budget

During the blog’s pilot period each weekly team of contributors shares a modest pay of €70 (US$96) per blog post. The initial investment (that also covers other expenses such as fees to Patreon and Paypal) is in fact funds left from our previous project — and that’s really not a lot. So, to make sure this blog can run beyond its trial period we need your support. Please consider making a modest recurring donation on our Patreon page. Thank you!

Are you an editor?

Our contributors are all seasoned journalists and happy to take assignments in various languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and more) and across various media. Contact us to discuss commissioning.

We also welcome non-profit republication of our blog posts. Our content is available for use under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-NC 4.0). Just please remember to credit both the Climate News Mosaic and the individual author.